Your guide to all of the new update’s best features and how to use them

Windows 11 has launched, and we are seeing some major changes to the operating system in terms of both looks and functions for the first time in 6 years.  The rollout began on the 5th of October and will be phased onto eligible devices gradually, popping up in the same way any regular update would.

This major new update comes with a load of new brand new features for users to try out, and some of them have been long anticipated by those using Windows, such as the ability to use android apps on your PC and a brand new start menu.  What’s more, the entire interface has received a makeover and is now a lot sleeker in its design.

Here is a rundown of all of the best Windows 11 features, including how to use and get the best out of them.

Android apps for your PC

Having an integrated app store with Android apps has been a long-awaited change for Windows users, and now they are finally here.  There were ways to download Android applications on previous versions of windows, including using a Samsung Galaxy phone, but this will be the first time the apps will be properly embedded into the operating system. This update will not come with the first rollout of Windows 11, but a little later on instead.


Widgets is an application that features important information such as news, weather, calendar and to-dos all in one useful location.  They were introduced to Windows a while back and featured on the latest Windows 10 update in a similar form to this one.  Now, they have been refined and are featured on your taskbar, where you can customise them and only see what is useful to you.

Microsoft Teams

Of course, Microsoft Teams in itself is nothing new, but this new update sees it pinned to the taskbar and with a new look as well.  It is now much more integrated into the operating system, a little like Apple’s Facetime which makes it a lot easier to use.

Virtual desktops

Virtual desktops were included in Windows 10, but they weren’t all that easy to find and most likely went largely unused by most users.  With the new update, virtual desktops are far easier to access and navigate, meaning that you can create a whole new desktop for each way you use your computer, such as work, personal, school etc.

Touch improvements

A lot of laptops these days are able to be used as a tablet as well, but the previous tablet features on other versions of Windows left a lot to be desired.  However, the new touch features that come with Windows 11 more than make up for it, it is now far easier to move around and use shortcuts, making for a highly functional touch screen experience.

Is it worth installing Windows 11?

There is no doubt that the new Windows update comes with a lot of improvements to the previous versions – it is certainly worth switching to this version.  It is different enough to make the user experience far more enjoyable, but not so different that users will need to spend an entire day re-learning how to use it.

However, as with all updates, it might be worth holding off during the initial launch period, as this is when many of the initial issues are fixed.  This way, you can use these features when they are at their best!

Now, suppose you’re seriously thinking about making the switch to Windows 11. But you want to know more about its hardware compatibility and security updates. In that case, you need an IT service provider that’s willing to talk you through it.

If you need any help in fully understanding the pros and cons of switching (or not changing) to Windows 11, schedule a 15-minute, no-obligation conversation with our team today.

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